I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia and now live in New York City. A few years ago, I completed a Master’s degree in Health Policy and I currently work at the New York City Department of Health designing and building software to drive improvements in healthcare for underserved populations.

Outside of work, I like to play with new software technologies, bike, hike, read and teach kids about computers.


For the past few years, I’ve been building a large scale clinical data analytics platform for electronic health record data at the New York City Department of Health (DOH). The DOH is currently using this system to model health risks across populations, conduct research and generate clinical quality dashboards for providers with data on more than three million patients throughout New York City.

My initial role on the project was designing and developing an end user facing tool to translate clinical and epidemiological questions into database queries that run efficiently against a transactional electronic health record database (technologies used include HTML/CSS, JavaScript/Sencha ExtJs/NodeJS and Ruby. This web-based application is currently being used on a daily basis by the DOH, a large community health center and Correctional Health Services. Working on this system gave me the opportunity to develop a deep understanding of how clinical data is stored in different medical record systems and how it’s used in different care settings.

More recently, I’ve taken a leadership position on the project, designing the technical architecture of the second generation of our data transformation and aggregation infrastructure that integrates and standardizes health information from 700 distinct data repositories, and managing the development and implementation of this technology. I also supervise the technical team that collaborates with clinicians, epidemiologists and statisticians to design, build and test new clinical quality measures.


I often code up software outside of work to learn new technologies and experiment with ideas. Here are a few recent projects:

  • FHIR Browser - Quick and dirty resource hierarchy and documentation browser for the HL7 FHIR standard (Code)

  • Health IT Hub - Experimental algorithmic news aggregator for health technology news. This is very much a work in progress - a lot of junky links are getting through the filters. Tech info: it’s written in NodeJs / CoffeeScript and hosted on Heroku; it uses RSS and the Twitter streaming API to find links; raw data is stored in MongoDB and generated HTML is served from Amazon S3.

  • PNG Data - Library to embed data in PNG images generated with HTML5 Canvas. The library is browser based and works without any web server involvement. I’m currently cleaning up the code to post this on github.

  • UiBot - An older project to create a declarative syntax for generating user interfaces in Google Apps Script (Google liked it and sent me a free Chromebook laptop :)